Incoming! New liturgy blog 'PrayTell.'

PrayTell is a joint venture of St. John's Collegeville and the Liturgical Press. The blog features an impressive roster of contributors, including dotCommonweal regular Rita Ferrone (we trust she won't abandon us). What can you expect? Take it away, newly knighted blogmaster Anthony Ruff , OSB:

Some people speak today of liturgy wars. (Maybe we should be grateful for such evidence of high interest in liturgy!?) Some talk of a Reform of the Reform, which apparently wants to undo the damage of the past 45 years. Some zealots on the Right have an unmistakable focus on the musical and archeological and ceremonial externals: east not west, propers not hymns, kneeling not standing, and so forth. [Full disclosure: I personally rather like Latin propers, and kneeling, and the eastward orientation of the Eastern churches.] This blog arose from our sense that the conversation needs to broadened, deepened, redirected. Moderate and progressive voices need to be in dialogue with zealous traditional voices. The spiritual import which is the real nature of the liturgy needs to be reemphasized. The fundamental pastoral intent of the Second Vatican Council, and of the larger ecumenical liturgical movement of that era, needs to be restated, refined, defended.Some will ask, Is this to be a liberal blog? Well, what else would you expect from Collegeville?! But more needs to be said than that. If liberal means open-minded, self-questioning, ecumenical, attentive to contemporary culture, and avoidant of romantic nostalgia, then we surely hope to be liberal. But if liberal means yesterdays progressivism, yesterdays ideals as if the culture and the churches havent changed dramatically since the 1970s or 1980s, then we hope to be not at all liberal. Those in the old guard, if there be such, can expect to be challenged and engaged.

I've already bookmarked PrayTell. You should too. God help the poor souls who have to moderate its comboxes.

Grant Gallicho joined Commonweal as an intern and was an associate editor for the magazine until 2015. 

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