Happy Feast of St. Francis

If you haven't already, today would be a great day to read Paul Moses's story in the latest issue of Commonweal: "Mission Improbable: St. Francis and the Sultan." Paul posted about the story here on dotCommonweal back in June (in connection with the president's Cairo speech). Now you can read all the details -- and check out the Web site for Paul's brand-new book, The Saint and the Sultan.Other great ways to honor St. Francis:

  • Have your pet blessed! I'm off to a local parish with my turtle in a few minutes for his first-ever blessing. Does your parish do this?
  • Pray for peace, especially in the Middle East.
  • Subscribe to Commonweal. (It's what Francis would have wanted.)

Any thoughts on the story? Had you heard it before?

Mollie Wilson O'Reilly is editor-at-large and columnist at Commonweal.

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