Getting old.

I hesitate to give this any space at all, but here goes. Another Obama-hates-Jesus meme is spreading around the conservative blogosphere. An outfit called CNSNews (no relation to Catholic News Service) published a piece claiming that, at the request of the White House, Georgetown covered the religious iconography behind the stage at Gaston Hall, where President Obama delivered his economic speech yesterday. (Yes, the same address in which the president quoted the Sermon on the Mount.)Never missing an opportunity to slam Obama, Bill Donohue fired off a press release titled "Obama Nixes 'Jesus' at Georgetown." Set your phasers for outrage:

The cowardice of Georgetown to stand fast on principle tells us more than we need to know about what is going on there, but the bigger story is the audacity of the Obama administration to ask a religious school to neuter itself before the president speaks there. No bishop who might speak at the White House would ever request that a crucifix be displayed behind him. Moreover, the same church and state fanatics who go nuts every time a polling place is set up in the basement of a Catholic school have been noticeably silent over this incident.

That might be because earlier today David Brody debunked the story.

In a statement to The Brody File, The White House says any suggestion that the administration purposely covered a cross and a Catholic religious monogram during President Obamas speech this week at Georgetown are simply false.

Back to the Justice League:

Obama is in enough trouble with Catholics...that it seems almost suicidal for his administration to push the envelope one more time. This is getting old fast.

Yes, it certainly is.

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