Eagleton's 'On Evil'

A bound galley of Terry Eagleton's forthcoming book On Evil just arrived in our office. Flipping through the front matter, I scanned for the name of the publisher (Yale), the expected pub date (April), and--most interesting--the dedication page. Too often ignored, dedication pages can be telling. An author might use the page to express gratitude to his wife for putting up with his long hours or foul mood during the writing process. He could take the opportunity to remember a deceased loved one, a mentor, or a favorite barista. Sometimes you'll come across a writer who's more discreet: "To A.N., for all the YXJ throughout 7162niner. You are my <redacted>." All too rare is the dedication page that truly breaks open the work you're about to read, disclosing the author's most profound convictions, his abiding hopes. So it was with particular joy that I found the following on the dedication page of On Evil:

To Henry Kissinger.

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