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I had agreat time this past weekendat the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress, hanging out atthe Commonwealbooth and talking to both loyal present subscribers andpotentially new subscribers. People came by to talk aboutall sorts of things but two of our more enthusiastic visitors were telling meabouttwo very interestingDVDs.Claudia Larson is the writer, producer and director of arecent documentary aboutDorothy Day titled Dorothy Day: Don't Call Me A Saint. Claudia told us about the making of this film and how she became obsessed with the idea of trying to let Dorothy tell her own story through interviews with friends, family and colleagues. Before starting this grand undertaking,Claudia had no prior experience with film making butreally feltdrivento complete the projectwhen she learned more and more about Dorothy Day's history. Themovie was completed in her ownhome and now there are pictures and articles about Dorothy Day coveringher walls. Those who knew Dorothy have said that this film, much more than others, helps to capture her true spirit. If you watch it, be sure to keep an eye out for Commonweal's managing editor Pat Jordan.The other film Iheard about is called American Idealist: The Story of Sargent Shriver. John McGreevy put up apost about this film back in November and it debuted on PBS in January. The gentlemanat theL.A. Congress who talkedto me about itsaid he was very excited about themention of Commonwealin thebeginning of the film. He was also very impressed by the factthat this DVD onlycosts $2.25 to order online (plus $5.20 S&H).Any other good, independentDVDs to look for?

Marianne L. Tierney is a PhD student in theology at Boston College.

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