December 18 issue, now online

The new issue is now on the Web, making this the perfect time to acquaint yourself with our newly redesigned Web site. Here's what everyone can read:

  • Our editorial on the president's plan for Afghanistan: "Obama's Surge"
  • A second editorial on the new "pastoral provision" for Anglicans: "Business as Usual?"
  • Our newest columnist, Charles R. Morris, on the hopes for health-care reform: "A Modest Miracle"
  • Film critic Richard Alleva's review of A Christmas Carol and Precious: "Transformers"

Subscribers will find plenty more to keep them busy during the holidays, including "Misery Will Never End," a short story by Jean Sulivan (translated from French by Joseph Cunneen) that's more holiday-appropriate than the title suggests. William Pfaff's column on what the financial industry owes the public, "The Buck Starts Here." Tom Quigley's assessment of the situation in Honduras, and the role of the Catholic church: "Democracy Undone." Jerry Ryan's roundup of French Catholic thinkers who influenced Vatican II: "Unlikely Prophets." Celia Wren's review of the new documentary Scenes from a Parish: "Feeding the Multitudes." Lawrence Joseph's review of Marie Ponsot's new book of poems, Easy: "Between Silence & Sound." Valerie Sayers's review of Nicole d'Entremont's novel City of Belief: "Displaced Souls." Daniel Cere's lengthy assessment of Ziad W. Munson's The Making of Pro-Life Activists: "Converts to a Cause." A delightful collection of letters, of course. And, finally, Alice Alech's description of a traditional Christmas in the South of France: "Nol Provenal."Last-minute shoppers and loyal supporters, take note: gift subscriptions to Commonweal are available at a special $45 rate! Is there someone on your list -- naughty or nice -- who ought to be on ours?

Mollie Wilson O’​Reilly is editor-at-large and columnist at Commonweal.

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