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A quick correction to Eric's post from the vantage point of an academic dean. The maternity/paternity policy for faculty, at least, is more than Eric implies. Women faculty are generally excused from teaching in the semester they give birth, effectively giving them a four month or so paid leave. Male faculty who are primary caregivers have the option of delaying their tenure clock. Comparable policies assist any faculty person adopting a child.This is not to say Notre Dame shouldn't do more, or do it differently. But in fact the university has put considerable energy into these issues recently, and, for example, is now studying whether to expand (in age availability and number of spots) its highly successful childcare facilities. Terming Notre Dame's efforts "a contradiction" to the elusive culture of life seems a bit overstated.

John T. McGreevy is the I.A. O'Shaughnessy Dean of the College of Arts and Letters and Professor of History at the University of Notre Dame.

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