Christopher Lasch; leaving the church


Regarding Casey Nelson Blake’s profile of Christopher Lasch (“Historian, Critic, Prophet,” October 22): I was born in 1936; Lasch in 1932. While I was in high school, Lasch was at Harvard. On Saturdays of those years, I worked as a copy boy at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. There, Robert Lasch was assistant chief of the editorial page, behind Irving Dillard. As I remember, Lasch rarely worked on Saturdays, but when he did, he usually arrived mid-morning and went straight to his desk with few “Good mornings.” On reflection, I think he exhibited the same personality Blake attributes to his son Christopher: a “melancholic yet hopeful disposition.” Sadly, Christopher died (1994) before his father did (1998).

W. E. Mueller
Chesterfield, Mo.


In “Long Goodbye” (October 22), Cathleen Kaveny notes the response of women she spoke with concerning the recent Vatican “PR gaffe” that seemed to link “as sacramental crimes the sexual abuse of minors and any attempt to ordain women”: they suspect...

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