The Capt. Kirk theory of health-care policy.

Last week I posted a clip of a GOP debate audience cheering state-imposed death. During Monday night's Tea Party-sponsored debate, audience members applauded the idea of allowing a sick person without health insurance to die. Ron Paul was asked how an uninsured thirty-year-old who has a serious accident would pay for health care under his plan."That's what freedom is all about, taking your own risks," he replied. (Implying what? The hypothetical thirty-year-old should have known better than to have put himself in harm's way?) That's when the applause started. He continued: "This whole idea that you have to prepare to take care of everybody..." Wolf Blitzer interrupted:"Are you saying that society should just let him die?" More applause.(Ron Paul's "no" is barely audible over the noise--an answer he gave for a good reason.) You can watch the clip right here.Have these whooping Tea Partiers ever had an accident requiring medical attention? Do they know anyone who has fallen ill through no fault of his own? Or a smoker who's died from emphysema? Maybe they haven't given a moment's thought to such questions, preferring instead to take Capt. Kirk's lead. You think I'm kidding? It's well known that the Tea Party has modeled much of its economic policy recommendations on the philosophy of certain Star Trek characters.

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