The Bush administration's secret left-wing agenda

Jason Linkins of HuffPo's Eat the Press just received a fundraising appeal from Human Events magazine, which he quotes here. It seems they're struggling with ever-increasing postage rates for small-circulation periodicals. I sympathize! The letter also points out that these rate increases are the result of a decision by the US Postal Service Board to accept a proposal submitted by Time Warner. It apparently does not point out that said decision happened in 2007. (You can read about that in this blog post from Mother Jones.)As Linkins notes, having discovered that the influence of corporate lobbyists in Washington can work against their interests, Human Events is outraged! Their take on it is a little bit different from Mother Jones's (or mine), though:

This means there's much more at stake here than the survival of HUMAN EVENTS. Free speech, and the right of conservatives to get their message out on the same terms as liberals, is also at stake.And if the liberal media giants such as Time Warner get away with this ploy, the consequences for the future of our country -- at a time when the Obama administration is trying to turn us into a European-style socialist state -- could be catastrophic.

Is it possible the folks at Human Events think these postal-rate hikes apply only to them? If that's the case they'll surely be glad to know that the USPS is not quite as ideologically choosy as they seem to believe. I have to say I'm not as confident as they (suddenly) are that Time Warner -- or any other major corporation -- is primarily concerned with advocating liberal points of view.

Mollie Wilson O'Reilly is editor-at-large and columnist at Commonweal.

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