Buckley (Jr.) Resigns from the National Review

I guess those 12,000 emails found him:

Christopher Buckley, the author and son of the late conservative mainstay William F. Buckley, said in a telephone interview that he has resigned from the National Review, the political journal his father founded in 1955.Mr. Buckley said he had been effectively fatwahed by the conservative movement after endorsing Barack Obama in a blog posting on TheDailyBeast.com; since then, he said he has been blanketed with hate mail at the blog and at the National Review, where he has written a column.As a result, he wrote to Richard Lowry, the editor of the National Review, andits publisher, Jack Fowler, offering to resign, and this offer was ratherbriskly accepted, Mr. Buckley said.Mr. Buckley said he did not understand the sense of betrayal that some of his conservative colleagues felt, but said that the fury and ugly comments his endorsement generated is part ofthe calcification of modern discourse. Its so angry. Quoting Ronald Reagan, he added, I havent left the Republican Party. It left me.Mr. Buckley has joined a growing list of conservatives who have either endorsed Mr. Obama or questioned whether McCain now stands any chance of being elected. On Monday, the writer Christopher Hitchens also endorsed the Democratic ticket.

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