Battle Zones


Great analysis by Ronald E. Osborn on the death toll in the Iraq war (“Still Counting,” February 11). He fails to include the deaths from the murderous twelve-year U.S./UN sanctions leading up to the war, which would put the Iraqi death toll at well over 1 million, perhaps 2 million.

John F. Irwin
Catonsville, Md.



Regarding “Stuck,” by Margaret O’Brien Steinfels (February 11): Whatever is the actual course of events in the Af-Pak region, it seems long overdue to stop referring to it as a “war.” “Nation building” I can accept; “police action” I can accept. But “war” implies a certain small range of outcomes that almost always involve heads of government (and their political systems) being deposed, if they do not promise future stability and lawfulness.

It is well to point to the long resistance of Afghan natives to establishment of a modern...

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