Barack brew.

In all the hoopla surrounding Rev. Wright, a very important news item has gone ignored.Brooklyn's Sixpoint beer just released "Hop Obama" ale in New York and Massachusetts. From the press release:

In keeping with the Illinois senator's unifying theme, the "Hop Obama" is an indefinable ale that doesn't adhere to traditional style guidelines. The 5.2% ABV creation contains five different kinds of European crystal malt and three different kinds of Pacific Northwest Hops. Combined with a Scottish yeast strain for fermentation, the result is a highly drinkable beer with a big malt background and an "Obama" of hops that imparts floral and citrus notes with just a hint of spiciness.

True, the fact that Sixpoint beers are made with New York City tap water is somewhat disconcerting--and oddly calming... But this beer sounds incredible. Maybe not the perfection of Bell's Two-Hearted Ale, but just as lovingly crafted. Geraldine Ferraro has already chimed in on Hop Obama's success, claiming that the brew is "lucky to be a dark ale."

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