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The current issue of Commonweal carries my critique of the new translation of the Roman Missal (It Doesnt Sing), as well as a brief chronology offered as a sidebar to the story (Roman Missal Crisis). Both are now available to non-subscribers.The sidebar is intended to help the reader keep track ofkey developments that led to where we are today. Its complicated, and unless one has followed the story closely over the years, its easy to lose sight of some of these episodes.(The editors at Commonweal have also noted two related articles by other authors. Lost in Translation (2005), by John Wilkins, describes what happened to ICEL and how Vox Clara came to be. All In? (2008), by Toan Joseph Do, takes on the thorny question of whether it is more fitting to say that Jesus died for all or for many. Both make good reading.)Some thoughtful comments were posted on the story page of "It Doesn't Sing." The discussion will continue here however, so Id encourage anyone who commented there to copy and repost their comments on this thread.

Rita Ferrone is the author of several books about liturgy, including Pastoral Guide to Pope Francis’s Desiderio Desideravi (Liturgical Press). She is a contributing writer to Commonweal.

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