Anglicans & ecumenism; David Tracy; climate change


I don’t understand how Russel Murray (“A New Ecumenism,” January 29) can assume that Anglicanorum coetibus signals a shift in the Catholic Church’s methodology for ecumenical engagement, especially in regard to Anglican and other churches of the Reformation (designated “ecclesial communities” in Pope John Paul II’s Ut unum sint because of the “invalidity” of their “episcopacy and Eucharist”). In Catholic ecclesiology, such Western churches of the Reformation are not “sister churches.”

In the 1990 CDF document Note on the Expression “Sister Churches,” Pope Benedict (then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger) makes a point of stating that the “Second Vatican Council adopted the expression ‘sister Churches’ to describe the relationship between particular churches” of the East and the Catholic Church. He continues, “It must also be borne in mind that the expression ‘sister Churches’ in the proper sense, as attested by the common Tradition of East and...

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