Abuse lawsuit against the bishops update.

P.R./Newswire reports:

Double Murder in Wisconsin Prompts Lawsuit Against All US BishopsBut Delaware's Top Church Official Will Be Removed As DefendantSaltarelli's Disclosure of Names of Alleged Predator Priests is the Reason

A family whose relative wasmurdered by a priest and who has filed a non-monetary, first of its kindlawsuit against the USCCB and all US Catholic bishops is releasing Delaware'sCatholic bishop from the suit.

In August, 2006, the O'Connell family of Hudson, WI, filed a uniquelawsuit against all US bishops seeking a non-monetary injunction that wouldforce them to reveal the names of all proven, admitted, and credibly accusedabusive priests. Several weeks ago, Michael Saltarelli, Bishop of Wilmington(DE) was served with that suit.

The family is now writing Saltarelli to advise him he will be dropped as adefendant since Saltarelli recently disclosed names of 20 pedophile priests inhis diocese.

Releasing the names of admitted or convicted abusers is a no-brainer, but I have serious reservations about the notion of releasing the names of the accused--ordained or not--to anyone but the police. What's the end-game here?

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