Poem | Servants and Instruments of Song—Marie Ponsot: Cento

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*Each line is drawn from a different poem in Marie Ponsot’s collection, Easy.

The lesson of the day: longing
Ready hearts hammering
Out resurrection, halleluia in yanked abandon
At the edge of vision
Grateful, grateful, my hand slow to turn the page
Close to the edge of a clear brook
Is a bridge or go-between
Others call sky
We extravagant chat easily
Conversing hand lifted to open hand
The delicious tongue we speak with speaks us
Servants and instruments of song
We are more than we thought
My self, its selves, and how they move to unify
It’s more than one thing at a time
The will dissolves here. It becomes the infinite
Across our other sky
A universe at its origin

Published in the April 2020 issue: 

Kathleen Gunton is completing her collection of cento poems. More than forty-five of these poems have appeared in publications as varied as the Cresset, Cura, First Things, Hawaii Review, Rhino, and Rockhurst Review. She lives in Orange, California.

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