How far adrift?


This letter is in response to Peter Steinfels’s article “Further Adrift” (October 22). I have always respected Peter very much. He expresses concern for the fact that so many Catholics have become inactive or left the church entirely. He wonders if the bishops are concerned about these devastating losses. Let me assure you that we are.

He and others have suggested changes in church doctrine and practices—like changing church teaching on abortion, premarital sex, homosexual activity, divorce, ordaining women, and ending celibacy for priests. But the mainline churches have given in on all these matters and they are shrinking dramatically. Many of them have even abandoned orthodox Christian theological teaching. The churches that have given in to the secular materialistic Western culture have done badly. Our culture is, of course, in deep trouble.

Some people have left the church because of the clerical sexual-abuse scandal. But no one should leave the church because of human weakness. I tell people not to put their faith in the priest or the bishop. Instead put your faith in the Mass and the sacraments of our church. We clergy members do our best but sometimes fail. Put your faith in those elements of the church of Jesus Christ that can never fail! And note that...

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