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Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Pre-existing Condition Was In)

Obamacare has passed the Constitution sniff test and we now live in a socialist Worker's Paradise. What about all those dead-beats who chose not to have insurance because of their pre-existing conditions? If it is bad for people to only buy insurance when they are sick, won't Obamacare come tumbling down in 2014 when most of the uninsured sick people in America belly up to the trough at their local insurance exchanges to enroll? Is this going to bankrupt all ofus responsible Americans who chose not to have pre-existing conditions?

Pope John XXIII - Conservative

As a professed member of the Third Order Secular of the Franciscans, I know that we tend to have a reputation of being "liberal". Our current Rule, which was approved by Pope Paul VI in 1978, is definitely a post-Vatican II document. But we see our Rule in particular and Vatican II in general as conforming to the 800 year oldideals of our Franciscan order. In this context Vatican II seems to us to have been a deeply conservative event.Could John XXIII and Paul VI have carried off Vatican II if they hadn't been conservative?

Dub the Baptist and That Old Time Religion

If you ever go to a white working class bar in a red state, the juke box will be playing and the music coming out will be country and western. Different cultures in our big melting pot tend to promote their own music, and rural culture is no exception. And of course, music can tell us a great deal about the people who sing it.I got to thinking about this a couple of weeks ago when I went on a short vacation to a resort hotel that happened to be in red country.

Corporations at Prayer

Are corporations not only people with free speech, but citizens with conscience protections? The USCCB makes its argument.

Do Natural Rights Trump 'Obamacare'?

Almost two years after being passed into law, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act—known to most of its enemies as “Obamacare”—remains a subject of great controversy. Some argue that, by allowing the federal government to require citizens to buy health insurance or pay an extra tax, it goes too far. Others argue that, by failing to offer citizens a public option for health insurance, it does not go far enough. Professor Hadley Arkes of Amherst College belongs to the first group.

The Jester, the Preacher, and the Tool

Republicans may call themselves conservatives but the core economic philosophy of the Republican Party is Neoliberalism. Each and every serious candidate in the Iowa primary subscribes to Neoliberalism, and this is one thing that makes it hard to choose between them. But each candidate has a characteristic relationship to Neoliberalism. I will propose that there are three basic relationships; the Jester, the Preacher, and the Tool.

Fiction | The Relic Thief

Although Italians were officially despised by the grownups in Paul’s Irish family, everyone seemed to have at least one Italian best friend. His grandmother Jane, in fact, had two. Olivetta, a spinster, was Grandma’s cemetery friend. When she was three, her father had been killed in an industrial accident.