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Run Everybody! Avik Roy is Coming!

Avik Roy is a conservative blogger on healthcare who is also an adviser to the Romney campaign and who by sheerest coincidence also wants to scare the bejeesus out of everyone about Obamacare, especially if they live in a swing state.

Rumble on the Right

Now that the GOP has gone all serious on us about the economy, it is interesting to see a substantive criticism of Paul Ryan's economic policies (and record) by a significant figure on the Right. David Stockman was Reagan's Budget Director and one of the fathers of "supply side" economics. And he is angry.This article is important, because we need to remember that there aren't just two alternatives.

Spam and Books

I thought I had been a few places and seen a few things, but when the old Greek shopkeeper in Cairo put out the Spam and the canned baked beans on his dusty shelf, I thought I would burst into tears. For several hot months I had showed up at the Greeks grocery at 4pm every Thursday looking for American food. It wasnt that I was starving; Egyptian food was very good with lots of unprocessed fruits and vegetables grown in the rich African mud of the Nile. But it was lamb almost every night with only the odd bit of camel thrown in on special occasions.

Concern Troll

Without the least hint of irony, Avik Roy (a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and health-care advisor to Mitt Romney) has written an article for National Review called How Obamacare Harms the Poor (via subscription). The main thrust of his argument is that Obamacare (that is, the Affordable Care Act) will expand Medicaid, which isnt as good as commercial insurance, since many physicians dont accept it.


I have been in Cairo for about a month and I am now Mr. Bat. I have been named Mr. Bat by the Egyptians, who make fun of my name because there is no P sound in Arabic. Of course, most of the Egyptians I associate with can speak English perfectly well and can certainly pronounce the P sound. This is simply one of their jokes.The friend I am staying with is Ken. Ken is known as Mr. Kent, after the American cigarette.Mr. Bat and Mr. Kent.So I have been in Cairo for about a month. It is evening and I am sitting in a chair wrapped in a blanket. I have a fever.

Labor's Victims

Economic law cannot possibly be contradicted by moral law. The moral law tells us what we ought to do. Economic law, on the other hand, is purely descriptive and necessarily amoral, having nothing to do with morality one way or another.Thomas E Woods Jr. The Church and the Market A Catholic Defense of the Free Economy pp 29-30

Full Metal Jackets

Sad, powerful, poignant collection of Zippo lighters personalized by US soldiers in Viet Nam, that were recently sold at an auction. They speak for themselves.

Misplaced Souls

Amerimex Auto (Se Habla Espanol) had a strict rule against drugs or alcohol on the premises. It was probably a sound enough policy because it helped increase productivity two or three percent. Cocaine addiction was so prevalent on the lot that it was viewed by most of the staff as an occupational hazard.

Ball of Confusion

David Brooks wants to save your employer coverage by eliminating your employer coverage. In an article called A Choice, Not a Whine, David Brooks wants us to see that there is a plausible Republican alternative to Obamacare. He begins, of course, by softening up the opposition. "The case against Obamacare is pretty straightforward." he says. Obamacare centralizes power (by which he means centralized Federal power, not centralized state power).