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George S. McGovern, R.I.P.

Over the weekend there were several requests for a thread about Sen. McGovern who died yesterday at the age of 90, shortly after entering hospice care in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. This post can serve as one.Wikipedia has what seems to be a decent overview of Sen. McGovern's life and career for those looking for an introduction. The Sioux Falls Argus-Leader has collected its coverage here.

Soup Kitchen Visit By Ryan Stirs Anger

Most of the debate in Catholic circles about Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan has taken place in the arenas of philosophy (e.g., can Ryan claim both Ayn Rand and Catholic social teaching as major influences on his thinking?) and policy (e.g., are Ryan's plans to "end Medicare as we know it" by turning it into a voucher program, and his plans to slash Medicaid funding proper exercises of his "prudential judgment" in applying the Church's teachings to public policy?).Last Saturday the debat

The Bishop & The Ballot in Boston: 2012 Edition

Next month, voters in Massachusetts will decide whether to approve Question #2, "allowing a physician licensed in Massachusetts to prescribe medication, at the request of a terminally-ill patient meeting certain conditions, to end that persons life".With all the discussion here at dotCommonweal in recent weeks about whether, when and how our bishops should enter into the arena of electoral politics, the example of Cardinal Sean O'Malley of Boston and how he's chosen to engage with the challenges presented by

Faith, Artifacts Of Character & Electing A President

As part of the lead-up to Frontline's new documentary, The Choice 2012, they've asked several close observers and biographers of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to engage in what amounts to an online version of a roundtable discussion about the two men and the formative expe

The Jesuits Go Another Round With Paul Ryan

It's been a rough year for Republican VP nominee Paul Ryan in his dealings with the Jesuits. (Esquire's Charlie Pierce puts it better---and more colorfully---here.)The latest episode comes courtesy of Vincent Miller in America's fine group blog, "In All Things".

How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live?

For many musicians, New Orleans is as close to sacred ground as you can get in these United States.New Orleans holds Congo Square, the only place in the antebellum South where slaves could and did regularly gather to drum and to dance.New Orleans produced Louis Armstong, whose use of the backbeat revolutionized popular music worldwide and is the basis for his claim to the title of "Most Influential Musician Of The 20th Centu

The Pro-Life Affordable Care Act

It's far from conclusive, but there's growing evidence that the Affordable Care Act could lead to a significant reduction in the number of abortions performed in the United States.

To Carry The Fire & Light The Spark

As Bruce Springsteen begins the 2nd North American leg of his "Wrecking Ball" tour, it's hard to think of an analog for the artistic, cultural and political project in which he's engaged. This isn't a group of musicians touring on behalf of a cause (e.g., the Amnesty International tours of the 1980s) or a campaign (e.g., the 2004 Vote For Change tour).

On The Killing Of Bishops & Nuns

With the calm, understated, diplomatic tone for which he is so widely known (I kid), Esquire's Charlie Pierce picks up on an Eli Lake story in The Daily Beast about how Elliott Abrams is one of Paul Ryan's foreign policy tutors, and observes:"Maybe, during a break at his next foreign-policy briefing, Paul Ryan, devout Catholic, can ask his primary foreign-policy mentor whether the guy's feel

Concelebrating From The 15th Pew

Everywhere I go lay Catholics are concelebrating at Sunday Mass.I've noticed it for years now. I notice it more in the summer when, for various reasons, we're often at a different parish and/or in a different part of the country.