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John Schwenkler is an assistant professor in the Department of Philosophy at Florida State University.

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Democrats and the Pro-Life Movement

Ross Douthat has written an honest, charitable post that is the most thoughtful contribution I've so far seen a conservative commentator make to the debate over Bart Stupak's stance on health care reform.

A Conversion Story

The great English philosopher Michael Dummett recounts his journey to Catholicism in an intellectual autobiography in a recent volume of essays on his philosophy:

Leszek Kołakowski, 1927-2009

Leszek Koakowski, the philosopher and communist dissident who spent most of his career at Oxford after leaving Poland in 1968, died this Friday afternoon in an Oxford hospital. Reuters has a brief obituary here, and here is a short account of his life I wrote for this magazine back in April 2008, when I reviewed his Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing?

Reading the New Encyclical

Some of this blog's readers may be interested in an online reading group for Caritas in Veritate that I'm hosting at my personal blog.

Yes, Prof. Derr, the Planet Is Heating Up

At the First Things blog, resident climate change denialist Thomas Sieger Derr (whose dishonest tactics Grant has exposed before), after weighing in on the cap and trade debate, lets loose with a predictable volley of faux-scientific silliness:

In Defense of "Theistic Evolution"

Via Lee McCracken, my erstwhile Culture11 editor Joe Carter discusses "theistic evolution" at the First Things blog.