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Religious freedom & the U.S. Catholic bishops

Today, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Ad Hoc Committee for Religious Liberty released a statement, Our First, Most Cherished Liberty, calling on Catholics and others to resist what the bishops characterize as unprecedented threats to religious freedom. The statement calls for a national campaign of political and legal resistance.

Contraception, health-insurance reform & religious freedom

From the editorial, "An Illiberal Mandate," just posted on the homepage:

Jost Jousts

Last week Public Discourse, an online journal sponsored by the Witherspoon Institute, posted a piece by Helen Alvaré titled "A Health Care Challenge to Commonweal and Timothy Jost." Alvaré, who is an associate professor at George Mason University School of Law, criticized us and Professor Jost for daring to disagree with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.