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Cathleen Kaveny is the Darald and Juliet Libby Professor in the Theology Department and Law School at Boston College.

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Mormons and Social Justice

What do Mormons teach about social justice?According to a site run by liberal Mormons (and yes, there are liberal Mormons), quite a bit:"Liberals in many religious traditions use the expressions "social justice" or "peace and justice" to refer to their faith-based activism around issues such as poverty, discrimination, exploitation of workers, war, or the environment. Social justice is more than charitable aid.

Romney: A Good Mormon on Abortion?

I haven't seen very many articles exploring the consistency of Romney's positions with official LDS positions on controversial matters. Given the scrutiny that the Catholic vice-presidential candidates have received for the conformity or lack of conformity of their positions with church teaching, I find that to be remarkable.So thanks to the Google, I locatedthe official Mormon position on abortion on the LDS website.1.

Evangelization: Practical Tips from Parents

We've spoken on and off about evangelization on this blog--often in theoretical terms. One of the best theologically informed and (mirable dictu) practical accounts I've read on the subject is in this week's America: Betty Ann Donnelly and Philip Pulaski reflect about about how the grounded their three daughters in the faith.

O'Brien v. DHHS--An Important Religious Liberty Case

A district court judge dismissed the plaintiff's case on the merits--on the grounds that the mandate did not impose a substantial burden on the plaintiff's religious liberty.Plaintiffs allege that the preventive services coverage regulations impose a similar ultimatum, and therefore substantially burden their free exercise of religion by coercing Plaintiffs to choose between conducting their business in accordance with their religious beliefs or paying substantial penalties t

Autumn in New York

If anyone is in the Bronx and bored this afternoon, I'm giving a lecture at Fordham, entitled "Voting, Religious Liberty, and the Common Good."It's co-sponsored by Commoweal, as well as the Theology Department at Fordham, as well as the Curran Center for Catholic Studies.It's not Stephen Colbert and the Cardinal. . . but I hope it will be an interesting conversation.

Movie Star Morality: Clint Eastwood and the Republican Convention

Clint Eastwood has an iconic image as an actor, and is an even better director. But no one would ask him to be a spokesperson for the "Theology of the Body. I teach a contracts case in which one of his former lovers, Sondra Locke, claimed that Warner Brothers hired her as a director on a "pay or play" contract--either they would use her services or pay her fee--without the intention of ever using her at all. Her fee was billed to Eastwood's next movie.

The Single-Issue Trap

In 2007 the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops issued Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship, a guide for American Catholics seeking to discern their political responsibilities in view of the upcoming 2008 national elections.

Republicans: The Road to Jeb Bush 2016?

As the clip embedded in the post immediately below shows, the Daily Show has taken to presenting this year's election as a throw-away by the Republicans, a staging ground for 2016.Now, the Daily Show is not the News Hour. And I'm no political strategist, despite the fact that I spent the summer in Washington DC. But I have to say I wondered the same thing, and continue to wonder about it as Nate Silver puts Obama's chance of reelection in the "nowcast" at almost 90 percent.Here's my reasoning.1. Americans tend to go with one party for president for eight years, and then switch parties.

538 and Nate Silver

Over the past few weeks, I have become addicted to Nate Silver's New York Times Blog, "538," which analyzes the polling on the presidential election. A University of Chicago math prodigy, Silver made his name analyzing baseball statistics--and then transferred his skills from batting to the ballot box.What I find tremendously impressive about him is his natural ability as a teacher. He is a great writer, and explains things clearly, concisely, and non-polemically.