TNR on Richard John Neuhaus

Damon Linker reviews Neuhaus's new book, Catholic Matters:

Several Catholic writers have contributedto fashioning a potent governing philosophy for traditionalistChristians, but the one who has exercised the greatest influence on theideological agenda of the religious right is Richard John Neuhaus--aCatholic convert from Lutheranism, and a priest who for the past twodecades has attempted to lead an interdenominational religiousinsurgency against the secular drift of American politics and culturesince the 1960s. In his voluminous but remarkably consistent writings,Neuhaus has sought nothing less than to reverse the fortunes oftraditionalist religion in modern America--to teach conservativeChristians how to place liberal modernity, once and for all, on thedefensive. Any attempt to come to terms with the religious challenge tosecular politics in contemporary America must confront Neuhaus'senormously ambitious and increasingly influential enterprise.

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