Last Word: The Silent Treatment

When a person is in pain or becomes ill, and then tells you—what do you say?

Last Word: Brimstone on the E Train

On boarding I realized we’d committed to the wrong car: A subway preacher was in full roar. For a Catholic schoolgirl from Milwaukee, this was quite dramatic.

Last Word: The Last Leap

In the end, after all, the experience of a Christian death amounts to an act of trust, which is just another name for faith.

Last Word: The Divine Spark

Seeing Catholicism through Muriel Spark's conversion; understanding the creed through her narrators.

Last Word: A Job, Not a Career

Have we become afraid that the stench of poverty will rub off on us if we spend too much time in the company of those the Gospel calls us to serve?

Last Word: Giving Care

Relatives of Alzheimer's sufferers are often reminded that the human person is more than memory and mind. We don't easily believe this, until something happens.

Last Word: Greetings, Citizen

We are defined by what we love, and love of the common good enhances and completes us in a way the individual, private good is unable to do.

Last Word: The Fear of God

When we speak of the fear of God, everything depends on what we are afraid of and why.

Last Word: Bergman Meets Bresson

In 'Ida,' director Pawlikowski presents Bergman’s questions and Bresson’s answers; Bergman’s atheism and Bresson’s emphasis on the presence of grace.

Last Word: The Paradise Part

Would we be silent at our monastery meals, or would we whisper? Would we hide in our cells or go off on chatty walks in the woods? Both/and, it turned out.

Last Word: Spontaneous Tolerance

In Kathmandu, religious freedom and religious tolerance are the norms.

Last Word: One Pound, Fourteen Ounces

“Folks,” the doctor stammered, “There's no explaining this medically, but in fifteen minutes, James’s condition improved dramatically."
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