Last Word: The Paradise Part

Would we be silent at our monastery meals, or would we whisper? Would we hide in our cells or go off on chatty walks in the woods? Both/and, it turned out.

Last Word: Spontaneous Tolerance

In Kathmandu, religious freedom and religious tolerance are the norms.

Last Word: One Pound, Fourteen Ounces

“Folks,” the doctor stammered, “There's no explaining this medically, but in fifteen minutes, James’s condition improved dramatically."

Last Word: Splitting Up

"It’s not you. Well, it’s not me either. It’s the ‘us’ that needs…space," we said in perfect, twinny unison. It was our biggest split since the egg divided.

Last Word: Living Witness

How do you tell a vocation director you’re scared that the life you feel called to may be dying?

Last Word: Sister’s All Right

He sat next to me. I talked about my favorite theologians, prayers, gospels. I showed him my rosary, and asked if he believed in God. And still the bus didn't come.

Near Occasion

Many artists and writers, not necessarily religious, speak of the influence of religious language on their work.

Friend of Justice

Msgr. Carlos Manuel de Céspedes y García-Menocal, faithful priest, seminary rector, and prolific writer who died January 3, was also a great Cuban patriot.

The Last Word: Rerouted

I have been rerouted from my natural course toward death. It feels wrong.

The Last Word: The Crewcut

One day in elementary school a boy on the playground punched a nun in the belly. His name was Billy and her name was Marie. It was an accident.

The Last Word: Christmas Eve, Cell Eight

The single piece of evidence in what may be the St. Louis Police Department’s oldest unsolved mystery is a stunning drawing of the crucifixion.

The Last Word: Skull & Bones

We moderns pay advanced planning counselors to avoid the fate of St. John of the Cross and to get us to our burial on time, but can we ever be sure it will work out?
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