Commonweal's Campus Speakers Program

Available Speakers:
(Availability subject to scheduling constraints)

Richard Alleva
film critic.
Richard Alleva Paul Baumann
Paul Baumann
Lisa Fullam
Associate Professor of Moral Theology, Jesuit School of Theology at Santa Clara University.
Lisa Fullam David Gibson
Religion News Service (RNS).
Author of The Coming Catholic Church and The Rule of Benedict.
David Gibson
Melinda Henneberger
Political writer at the Washington Post.
Melinda Henneberger Cathleen Kaveny
Commonweal columnist. Professor of Law and Theology, Boston College.
Cathleen Kaveny
Luke Timothy Johnson
Professor of New Testament, Emory University. Author of Among the Gentiles and The Creed.
Luke Timothy Johnson Patrick Jordan
Former Managing Editor, Commonweal. Editor of Dorothy Day: Writings from Commonweal.
Patrick Jordan
Peter Steinfels
Former New York Times columnist and Commonweal Editor;
Author of A People Adrift: The Crisis of the Roman Catholic Church in America.
Peter Steinfels Mollie Wilson O'Reilly
Associate Editor and columnist, Commonweal.

How the Program Works
In most cases, if your request to present a speaker is accepted, Commonweal’s program is able to subsidize a significant part of the speaker's fee, and cover travel expenses required for the speaker to reach your campus. Your organization is responsible for any overnight accommodations, hospitality and meals, and local/airport travel. As a condition of offering a speaker on these terms, Commonweal asks to be identified in any publicity and promotion for the event, and will also provide copies of the magazine and promotional materials to be presented at the event.

We also ask that you consider ways in which you might arrange for a Commonweal speaker to meet with students over a meal, or in a classroom discussion setting.

How to Request a Speaker
Contact Kaitlin Campbell, the Commonweal Speakers Program Coordinator. She can answer any questions about the program and will facilitate communication and the arrangement of a date between you and your desired speaker(s).

Telephone: 212.662.4200 x7003
E-Mail: [email protected]

The Commonweal Campus Speakers Program is made possible thanks to a generous gift from James H. Duffy.