Religion Booknotes

Liturgy: Sacrosanctum Concilium
Rita Ferrone
Paulist, $15.95, 134 pp.

Scripture: Dei Verbum
Ronald D. Witherup
Paulist, $15.95, 176 pp.

Liturgy: Sacrosanctum Concilium by Rita Ferrone and Scripture: Dei Verbum by Ronald D. Witherup belong to a series of eight volumes dedicated to the major documents of Vatican II. It is interesting to read these two books in tandem because of their intersecting concerns. 

After all, the council’s constitution on the liturgy had a lot to do with sacred Scripture. It called for an expansion of the lectionary and for homilies rooted more deeply in the readings, while the question of the vernacular in the liturgy inevitably overlapped with questions concerning biblical translation. The never-ending controversies about liturgical translation have a parallel in the controversies about how the Bible is to be translated and who is to authorize the translations. When the Vatican issued Liturgiam authenticam in 2001, many biblical scholars and liturgists were appalled by its demand that translations be based on the Vulgate rather than on the texts in the...

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Lawrence Cunningham is John O'Brien professor of Theology (Emeritus) at the University of Notre Dame.