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How Deep Does Rick Warren Go?

There’s a low-hanging cabinet over my desk that I have been meaning to move for years, and as I was sitting down (finally) to start a draft of what you are reading, I hit my head on that cabinet really, really hard. I saw stars, lost vision for a second, and sat with my head down on the desk for a long while.

Here are three possible interpretations of this minor event (although it seemed major enough at the time).

1. God, who foresees and is the cause of all things, sent me a message to get my attention, wake me up, and invest my writing with greater significance. (In fact, I went back upstairs, and stalled a few weeks more. Although that could have been part of it, too. Hmm.)

2. God foresaw that this piece was going into Commonweal, and felt that a concise message should be sent to me about that intention. (Have other Commonweal contributors experienced sharp blows to the head recently? Please report this to the editors.)

3. This event has no divine significance, and is simply the result of my lazy reluctance to do something about that cabinet.

This is not a definitive list. It simply suggests...

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