A Prolife Case against Bush

It's about more than abortion

I voted for George W. Bush and I’m heartily sorry now. My support was motivated by prolife convictions, but so is my present dismay. I opted for Bush in 2000 because I thought he’d try to protect embryonic life in and out of the womb, and also support faith-based social initiatives. As for foreign policy, Bush’s promises of “humility” were reassuring. Humility is, of course, a central Christian virtue, and Bush’s seemed to reflect his avowed identification with “Christ-because he changed my heart.”

Then came 9/11. U.S. military forces quickly engaged in retaliatory warfare; new policies and rationales justified preemptive military action. Yes, terrorism is a real threat that must be countered, and Saddam was a monster, but what was the administration leading us into? Our unilateral act of war against Iraq turned much of the world against us-and with good reason. First-strike attacks are a breach of moral principle and international law. Our present policies, now dubbed the Bush Doctrine, are morally suspect and prudentially disastrous. Billions of dollars are being spent, many lives are being lost, and Americans have tortured Iraqi prisoners. Islamic terrorists have been given renewed impetus for their crusade of hatred against the West. Has this kind of “war on terrorism” really made us safer?

At the same time, domestic troubles mount. Hopes for bettering the plight of the poor under Bush II seem...

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About the Author

Sidney Callahan is a psychologist and the author of Created for Joy: A Christian View of Suffering.