Nothing sacred

"I Want a Divorce!" is not the cry of a wounded spouse, or the title of a Hillary Clinton tell-all. Rather, in the tradition of "Survivor" and "Big Brother," and as the antithesis of the scandalous "Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire?" it is the title of an upcoming Fox television program in which divorcing couples compete in a game-show format to retain their possessions. But wait, there’s more.

• "Surprise Wedding" aired on November 2 as a special in which five women, frustrated by their boyfriends’ ambivalence toward marriage, invited the men to Las Vegas under the pretense of having won a makeover contest. The women then went off to be made beautiful and the men received tickets to a Vegas show. The show turned out to be them, and in front of a studio audience of fifteen hundred, their relationship’s history was made public and they had a chance to propose. On stage.

• "Love Cruise" will put a group of singles on a ship to play "musical dates." The "losers" will be voted off the ship (where will they go?) until, as Mike Darnell, Fox’s executive vice president for alternative programming, put it, "the couple most in love wins."

• Fox’s "Temptation Island," will strand couples on an island populated by male and female models waiting to test their relationship’s fidelity quotient. Whoever succumbs loses.

• Not to be outdone, the UPN network has created "Temptation Manor," upping the...

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