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On February 5, Secretary of State Colin Powell presented the UN Security Council with evidence-some dramatic-that Iraq continues to evade the efforts of the UN’s weapons inspectors. Most compelling in Powell’s testimony were intercepts of the Iraqi military discussing the need to hide chemical weapons. In addition, Powell presented satellite images purportedly showing the removal of munitions from one site shortly before the arrival of UN inspectors. Information gathered from defectors and prisoners also seemed to confirm the existence of Iraqi mobile bioweapons laboratories. Powell made a strong case, despite questionable efforts to link Baghdad to alleged Al Qaeda operatives involved in the assassination of an American diplomat in Jordan.

Much of the information Iraq has provided the UN about its weapons has been incomplete or bogus. Enormous quantities of anthrax, chemical bombs, VX gas, and other bioagents remain unaccounted for. UN resolution 1441, passed unanimously by the Security Council in November, requires Iraq to make a complete accounting of its weapons of mass destruction and to cooperate fully with the inspectors. No one seriously believes that Iraq has disposed of all its biological and chemical weapons, yet Iraq has presented no evidence that it has any. Earlier testimony by the UN’s chief weapons inspector, Hans Blix, was equally damning. Blix said that "Iraq has neither come forth with a full...

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