The Middle East

Divided They Stand

A complex business agreement will often be preceded by a so-called term sheet. The term sheet will outline points of agreement of major consequence to both parties...

An American in Egypt

From my student days, almost forty years ago, when I hitchhiked with a backpack on my shoulders and a guitar at my side, I’ve been an eager traveler in the Middle...

Clash of Cultures

In the riots that swept Islamic society last winter, reaction to the publication of cartoons insulting the Prophet Mohammed, the world glimpsed evidence of a clash...

A War for Oil

I am deeply suspicious of economically determinist or conspiratorial explanations for political and historical events. The world is just too complicated, and chance...

The New American Empire

I have been pondering for quite some time just how to describe the new American Empire, but now, quite suddenly, my task has become much simpler. On September 20,...
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Book Reviews

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An Act of Remembrance

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Ambiguous Promises

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