Kmiec, Bush, Rock & more


In his article “A Tangled Web” (January 16, 2009), Douglas W. Kmiec acknowledges the clarity of the Catholic Church’s teaching on abortion before asking the following question: “Is it not proper for the burden of evidence now to shift to those who, for religious or nonreligious reasons, believe unfettered abortion ought to be permitted? It is a valid question; and were the right-wing Catholic blogs not so preoccupied with demonizing me and other brothers and sisters in Christ who backed our president-elect, perhaps the question would receive some competent discussion.”

I have no doubt Kmiec has been exposed to some nasty bloggers over the past several months, but his point here is rather incredible. One would never know from Kmiec’s article that the official position of the Democratic Party, a position shared by President Barack Obama, is not only that abortion ought to be permitted, but that it is a fundamental human and constitutional right, one not subject to restriction by the will of the majority. Kmiec is concerned that the bloggers who have savaged him do not appreciate the way the Constitution subjects contentious issues to democratic debate. But when the now-dominant political party holds a view that rules out democratic deliberation on abortion, it is more than a trifle odd...

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