December 6, 2013

Commonweal December 6, 2013
Friday, December 6, 2013

Articles in this issue

If Not Fiction, Then Nonfiction

Year in and year out, there are nonfiction books set in the present in which the central questions of Christian belief are taken up dramatically.

Poem | Raising the Eyes That High

Looking westward through the porch screen, / White light from the full moon shivers / On snow crust, on glaze over fields.

The Last Word: High-interest Loan

The Hildesheim Cathedral in Germany is undergoing major renovation and has sent some of its most beautiful medieval objects to New York.

Letters | Chatting with Francis, the church & the Jews

Spoofs, the importance of context, and "wild things."

'The Habit of Gratitude and Hopefulness'

To put it in Vatican II terms, our vocation is to help our children discern their vocation.

'Grace Helps Them Through'

We are that family, the one with the very young, very active children who decided to come to your quiet, even somnolent Mass. We did not sit in the crying room.

'Now and Then I Feel It's Working'

J. Peter Nixon in the first in our series: "I have tried to live my faith in a way that would make it attractive to my children. Now and then I feel it’s working."

The Threat of Peace

The opportunity to roll back Iran’s nuclear program should not be forfeited because of the belligerent posturing of Netanyahu and hawks on Capitol Hill.