Go Higher

Every year in early February we list of our generous and loyal Commonweal Associates, without whose support there would be no Commonweal. In the same issue we thank those who support the Commonweal College Subscription Program, which introduces younger readers to the magazine. We did so this year in the February 10 issue.

Unfortunately, this year we again managed to exemplify our institutional claim to noninfallibility, listing some donors incorrectly, and worse, others not at all. Our sincere apologies.

This year’s mea culpa must begin with Mary Anne & William P. Ford of New Jersey, founding donors to the College Subscription Program, whose generous support year in and year out is in a league of its own. And among the Associates, please note the following: Benefactor James H. Duffy, NY. Supporters John Pare, FL, and John F. Reiger, VA. Charter sponsors John & Elaine Kamerick, FL. And Sustaining members M. Antoine, MO; Takaoki Fusejima, Japan; James W. Hall, KS; and Gloria J. Callaci & Lawrence J. Suffredin Jr., IL. Ad astra.

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