Gay marriage, FOCA, Israel & Gaza


Robert K. Vischer may have exercised a bit of bad faith himself in the way he framed his argument in the article “Bad Faith” (January 16). He makes it sound as if a large group of people who played a major role in funding the campaign supporting Proposition 8 just happened to be Mormon. Likewise, he seems to suggest that any criticism of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints over the issue is part of the historical persecution of Mormons. Vischer ignores the organized efforts of the LDS in Salt Lake City, which provided large in-kind donations, organizational support, phone banks, and transportation.

The LDS overtly—and possibly illegally—sought to influence the political process in another state and thereby to deprive citizens of basic human rights.

Fort Worth, Tex.


I did not suggest that Mormons’ support of Proposition 8 was simply a matter of happenstance. I assume that their support was shaped significantly by their faith community. But Mormon voters are not just Mormons—they are citizens, neighbors, parents, spouses. And we can engage them through all those identities. The point I was trying to make is...

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