Catholicism: Its Case

Though there are differences in ignorance, ignorance of the Catholic Church is the general note of our time; and therefore the task of the Catholic to combat it.

Spiritual Chicago

We have a murder in Chicago almost every morning before breakfast. Try as we do, there is no escaping it. Our newspapers appear to have a sort of standing head to...

Football Is a Funny Game!

Football has become such a serious sport that the title of this article seems questionable. A foreign university professor visiting the United States not long ago...

Editorial: Child Labor Intricacies

According to the champions of the proposed Twentieth Amendment to the Constitution, the Child  Labor Amendment—the battle is by no means over, but only...

The Evolution of a Moderate Drinker

As I grew to manhood in "the gay nineties," I sampled nearly every kind of intoxicating drink that was then popular – and I liked them all.

Unprotected Natural Rights

The first decision ever issued by the Supreme Court of the United States on the constitutionality of legal sterilization of human beings was handed down May 2, 1927...

Reading the Bible in School

Sooner or later the Supreme Court of the United States will be called on to determine whether the reading of the Bible in classrooms "without sectarian comment...

The Catholic Immigrant

The present immigration law, known as the Immigration Act of 1924, which went into effect in July, 1924, limits the annual quota of immigration to 2 percent of the...

From the Archives: Commonweal on John F. Kennedy

From the Commonweal archives: articles and essays on John F. Kennedy, fifty years after his assassination.

A Language of Solidarity

Robert N. Bellah, who died in July, was a contributor to Commonweal for more than twenty years. Here are excerpts from some of his articles.

'Catholics Are Different'

Over the course of six decades, Fr. Andrew M. Greeley—who died on May 30—wrote regularly for Commonweal. Here are excerpts from just some of his articles.

What Maggie Hath Wrought

This piece by E. J. Dionne Jr. on the legacy of Margaret Thatcher appeared in the January 11, 1991, issue of Commonweal.  What Maggie Hath Wrought
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