In March 2006, the editors decided to try something new—and terrifying. We started a blog. With the help of several regular contributors—including David Gibson, Robert Imbelli, Cathleen Kaveny, Joseph Komonchak, and Margaret O’Brien Steinfels—Commonweal begat dotCommonweal. For eighty-five years, the magazine has provided a forum for well-reasoned, civil debate. It seemed only natural to host that kind of conversation on our Web site. Readers agree: our Internet traffic has tripled since we launched dotCommonweal. Yet subscriber surveys show that a relatively small percentage of readers are aware of our Web site. To remedy that, we introduce a new feature that will highlight selections from the blog. (Opinions expressed are those of the authors, not necessarily the magazine.) See you online.   —The Editors


From Associate Editor Grant Gallicho’s blog post “They Always Send a Limo,” which corrects Catholic League President Bill Donohue’s claim that the sexual-abuse scandal is really a homosexual scandal:...

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