Commonweal Digital Subscription Options

Commonweal has multiple options for subscribing to the magazine in digital form.


Commonweal’s website has all the contents of each print edition available as soon as the print magazine is available to subscribers. Selected stories from each issue are free to all readers, but only readers with premium subscription access can read all the content. In addition, website subscribers have access to a multi-year searchable archive of everything Commonweal has published. Subscriptions are $34/year, or $2.95/month, and are available via the website.

Print subscribers to Commonweal get full, premium access to the website free as part of their subscription, as well as free access to our smartphone and tablet app listed below.

2. Kindle Edition

Each issue of Commonweal is also published via Amazon’s Kindle, and is available either as a single-copy purchase or as part of an ongoing subscription. These subscriptions are purchased directly from The current price is $2.99 for a single issue, or $2.99/month for a subscription.

At this time, Kindle subscriptions are a separate subscription product, and Commonweal’s print or online subscribers must pay separately if they also want delivery via the Kindle.

3. Tablet and Smartphone Editions

Issues of Commonweal are also available via iTunes and the Google Play stores, via a single-copy purchase or by subscription. These issues of Commonweal are enhanced for reading on a mobile device, with additional multimedia content.

App subscriptions are a separate product, and Commonweal’s print or online subscribers must pay separately if they also want app access. However, print and online subscribers do have free access to a PDF of every print issue of Commonweal; the PDF is available on the table of contents page on Commonweal's website.

For the iPad and iPhone edition, click here.

For the Android version, click here.