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Episode 2: Paul Griffiths, Christine Emba, Cole Stangler

Each episode of The Commonweal Podcast features a mix of interviews, profiles, and compelling conversations on topics at the intersection of politics, religion, and culture. Hosted by Commonweal editor Dominic Preziosi, and featuring the magazine’s editors and contributing writers, the podcast takes you beyond the pages of the latest issue to shed fresh light on the news, books, movies, music, and political developments spurring debate and deserving of reflection.

In our second installment, the Commonweal staff discusses the shape of future podcasts. Matthew Boudway talks with theologian Paul J. Griffiths about Roger Scruton’s latest book and Brexit. Griffin Oleynick sits down with Christine Emba to talk about the issues raised in "A Moral Economy—Faith and the Free Market in an Age of Inequality," a conversation between Cardinal Tobin and Jeffrey Sachs. And Matthew Sitman speaks with Cole Stangler about the populist turn in French politics.

You can listen to the entire episode, as well as extended versions of each segment, here

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