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51st and the Republican primary

"Aspiring politicians in New York once made a point of visiting the three Is: Italy, Ireland and Israel. For the GOPs presidential prospects in 2012, its all about one: Israel."You get to look presidential by having your picture taken with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has played host to no less than three Republican contenders in recent weeks. Particularly for governors who always face the question of whether theyre ready for the foreign policy part of the job you cant buy an ad that good."Politico has the story.

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It's pretty interesting that (apparently) this is more about Evangelical votes than Jewish votes.I do think that President Obama is perceived on the Right as being vulnerable on foreign affairs; and there are great efforts being made to spin his response to the Egypt convulsions as dithering and waffling.

Dithering seems better than invading! Can that be a campaign slogan: We didn't invade Egypt.

What about Mexico? Drug lords seem to rule the land. If terrorists took control or if some rich Mexican Americans bankrolled political campaigns the US would be much more involved.

Bill: Would Arizona do a Turkey and refuse to allow the U.S. army to launch an attack from its territory?

"Dithering seems better than invading!"Yep. My understanding is that the Republican leadership in Congress has been supportive of the administration's response(s) so far.Conceding that the administration hasn't shown perfect prescience so far on how events would unfold (compared to who, though?) - it's hard to think of a "stronger" public stance that wouldn't have been way more counter-productive.

Jim; if you dont think our intellegence both military and CIA haven't got their oars in the water with both Egyptian military and protester leaders you need to read more spy novels. as for the Politico piece....Israelis don't trust Obama? maybe if Netanyahu photo ops with Palin, we should not trust the Israelis...[as far as their intelligence and self interest goes]

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