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Commonweal Conversations--the movie.

Not everyone who wanted to attend last month's Commonweal Conversations could make the pilgrimage to NYU for the event. And not everyone who did make it had an unobstructed view. Not to worry. We taped the whole thing. Stay tuned for the one-liners of the night (at about 1:14:30):

Commonweal Conversations 2010 - "Politics, Faith, and the Midterm Elections" from Commonweal Magazine on Vimeo.

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I have my computer volume up to max and can hardly hear many of the comments. Is there any way to improve on that?

Make sure your computer's volume is turned up high enough. I'm having no problems hearing the audio--on two computers and a mobile device.

"The one hope we have is there will be a major scandal." -Mark ShieldsIt sounds as if Mark Shields believes a major scandal would be beneficial for his party's agenda. I am reminded of those who have used the abuse scandal in The Catholic Church to undermine the teachings of The Catholic Church in regards to respecting the Sanctity of all Human Life and respecting the Sanctity of God's intention for Marriage and The Family.As a topic for the next Commonweal Conversation, why not discuss the Sanctity and Dignity of Human Life and The Sanctity and Dignity of The Sacrament of Marriage from God's perspective, according to The Gospel of Life?

I didn't know Commonweal pioneered profit-free print journalism. That's kind of cool. It should be in Wikipedia.I didn't hear Mark Shields say he hopes for a scandal (from Republican Tea Congressmen?), but I was kind of glad he named Newt Gingrich and accused him of stirring up the mosque thing for political profit. I'm planning to vote ABO in 2012, and I darn sure hope I don't have to vote for that turd. It's kind of odd how inarticulate print journalists sound in person sometimes, if you don't mind the observation. OTOH, Mark Shields didn't sound much better.

Clarification of 1st paragraph of preceding: I thought Paul Baumann's line about pioneering profit-free journalism was really good. It was clever and charming and put the audience in a benevolent mood.I also liked the Elstein woman's outfit. "The Day The Earth Stood Still" is one of my favorite movies. I'm surprised nobody asked her whether Klaatu Barada Nikto.

Felapton, I thought Jean Elshtain and Peter Steinfels were very articulate.

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