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Stephen Colbert: Theologian of the People

Okay, that's over the top. But I have to admit to being addicted to the Colbert Report--he's smart, funny, and sharp. He's also, in my view, extremely interested in, and sophisticated about, religion. He treads a very fine line--he makes fun of excess, and stupidity, but not of religion itself. In fact, he seems to me to be very devout in his own way. Take a look at one of my favorites "Old School" --January 17, 2006.("Which is clearer, 'I am the Lamb of God,' or 'Build a boat quick, I'm gonna drown the entire world?'")

I would love to see him do a show from Notre Dame -- if such a thing is possible, from the perspective of the Powers that Be both here on campus, and from his side.


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I see what you mean by looking at the brilliant January 17th clip. Maybe he can incorporate Erasmus' "The Praise of Folly" into his constructions.