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The Tea Party will dissolve the earth.

MSNBC's motley crew delivered several amusing moments last night (like this one), but none so bizarre as Keith Olbermann's theory that the Tea Party is a political universal solvent. A what? (Skip to minute 1:45.)

KEITH OLBERMANN: My theory about the Tea Party, in all respects, has been the old idea of the universal solvent, which is the substance that can dissolve any other substance on the planet. There is a problem eventually...the universal solvent is wonderful if somethings blocked or we have to clean something--it can get a stain out of my suit or your suit or whatever, but the problem is, ultimately, where the hell do you keep the stuff? It will eat through any container, and eventually go right through to the center of the earth. And one of the arguments about extremism in American politics is that eventually you will find some surface...CHRIS MATTHEWS: You know some people will go to bed tonight worried about the existence of the universal solvent. They were worried about snakes until now, they got this new thing to worry about because of you.

Oh no, Chris. It's not snakes they're worried about. It's the aliens. The aliens with universal solvent for blood.

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Reminds me of the old lady's classic answer to what holds up the world, "It's turtles all the way down".

I thought the physicists had this one solved -- you make magnetic bottles that suspend the substance in air, contained within the magnetic field but not touching anything soluble. (unless the universal solvent can dissolve magnetic fields as well as substances...)Then you just have to worry about the field connectors, which might explode as they did at CERN last year.

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