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But where is the money coming from?

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Option #3: Fox News is BOTH evil AND stupid. (Reminds me of a classic SNL skit from the 70s: "It's a floor wax AND a dessert topping!") Once again, it's a sad commentary on the state of contemporary journalism that a comedian is the one who both does the necessary research and expresses it in a compelling fashion. The allegedly "liberal media" -- a truly stupid idea -- is once again revealed as corporate capital's Pravda.

Option #4- Fox News may be intellectually lazy or perhaps they are actually brilliant.

ND, neither applies; Fox News corporately is interested in one thing only, ratings and making money for their investors. In this era of so call "reality" broadcasting or perhaps "bully broadcasting" it pays well. It generates lots of free PR which in turn increases viewership and further enhances the bottom line. It also likely does wonders for the bully media personality's own pocket book too.Any motives they have beyond that are purely secondary.

"Option #4- Fox News may be intellectually lazy or perhaps they are actually brilliant."Nancy --Fox is brilliant, all right. Did you ever watch Glenn Beck when he worked for the second level CNN channel? HE used to interview some rather interesting people sometimes. But he most definitely wasn't the wild man you see on Fox. He went to Fox and changed overnight into a super-manic nutter. What Beck is, is a fine actor. Either he wasn't the rational man we saw at CNN or he isn't the crazy we see at Fox. One way or the other, he has a lot of people fooled. And the powers=that-be at Fox obviously know a fine actor when they see one. I'll give them that. His change in persona was truly amazing,

Option #5 -- The Daily Show is truly brilliant. Tragedy is becoming farce. I wonder if there will be a blowback at some point against all the anti-mosque insanity?

Mr. Gibson, if I were a betting man I'd wager the blowback has already begun. Setting aside the international reactions, there are already signs that American Muslims are moving away from the Republican party---much as Latinos did after the failure of comprehensive immigration reform in 2007.

Us Canadians have to watch "The Daily Show on the comedy network. This segment is at am going with evil.

Option 6 - ignorable.The Daily Show, otoh, is can't-miss watching.

Ann, to be clear, I was specifically talking about how the fact that Alwaleed was an owner of the Fox Network was exposed.

If Nancy thinks Fox is "perhaps actually brtiliant" she should say how, instead of a oblique coment about a netwrok passin gitself off "as "fair and balanced news."

Stephen Colbert has a terrifying update from Terror Bunker 5200:

Thanks, Jim -another example of Fox as "perhaps actually brilliant."I'm flabergasted at how folks can let their prejuduces be stirred by the propaganda of some politicians!

Bob, it confirms their prejudices rather than challenges them to grow up.I wondered how long it would take for Ground Zero to become a punch line.

A footnote and an urge for a new thread:how much does money talk in promoting ideology.See Frank Rich in today's NYT week In Review on the Koch brothers and Tea Party crazies.Remember Swift b\Boatimg?How much does money talk even in hierachical circles?Would be a nice thread? .....

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