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What is going on in Marjah?

And in Afghanistan generally? It has not been easy to follow the war news from Marjah, though the Times has its crack team (Dexter Filkins/C.J. Chivers/Tyler Hicks, photo) there. Watching Gen. Petreus yesterday on MTP reminded me what a good briefer he is, but little news or meaty analysis. This morning (Monday) Juan Cole had these observations:

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I do not read the New York Times, but the coverage by the Christian Science Monitor has been good. They have an excellent story on the 27 civilians the Ruling Party killed yesterday for example: on the mounting civilians the Ruling Party is killing in Afghanistan generally:

As many have noted we really have a one party system in the US. Obama is even more aggressive than Bush was in Afghanistan. Eisenhower called it right; the military industrialcomplex. Shame. BTW The health care arena is getting interesting as Obama is realizing he only needs 51 votes in the Senate. Time for Dot Commonweal to get back into this.

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