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the world's newest Phillies fan.


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Et tu Eduardo! Surely you are corrupted by the likes of Gallicho whose inferiority complex engenders more heat than light devolving into a Yankee hater. Such meanderings are more against than for and creates a vacuum for future generations. Just remember as you indulge in such negative behavior that you are inexorably tuned in which is a statement in itself.

Further proof of the truth of the Apostle's statement: "Totus mundus iacet sub Maligno"--"the whole world lies beneath the Evil One" (1 Jn 5:19)

As a Mets fan, I find it hard to root for a rival who has humiliated my team two seasons running. But we deserved it. Besides, whatever my personal feelings, one imperils one's soul if the cooperate with evil by rooting for the Yankees. Moreover, American League baseball, with its absurd designated hitter, is objectively disordered. Go Phillies.

Down with the Evil Empire!Go Phillies!Signed, a Bronx resident.

Eduardo, isn't it generous of the Philadelphia ball club to open the possibility of conversion to you (and other like-minded dissenters) in this hour of need? You don't even have to move to Pennsylvania!

As a long-time Yankees (and Mets) fan, I'm of course excited the Yankees will be in the World Series, though I'm glad their opponent will be the Phillies instead of the Dodgers. I have a soft spot for Joe Torre, whom I think Yankee management treated quite shabbily. Many Yankees fans live a schizophrenic existence, however, when it comes to management and the team itself--dislike the former, love the latter. Still, it will be great to kick back in the snowy months and relive the highlights of the current season (including the Yankees' World Series win over the Phillies) on episodes of "Yankeeography," brought to you by the YES [Yankees Entertainment & Sports] Network. [Cue the stirring theme music...Cue the stentorian voice of the Yankeeography host]And I almost forgot. You can thank me later, Fr. Komonchak, for the Yankees cap headed your way. ;)

Everything makes sense now. I'm a Yankees fan.

As a true Phillies fan, rather than just anti-Yankee (I actually dislike the Red Sox more than the Yankees), I welcome all our new fans across the country.Look for me in left field at Game 3 (it will be the only time I'm happy being on the "left"). I'll be the guy in the red Phillies shirt.

According to Rivera and Rodriguez (in the linked story) the REAL I AM is guiding the Yankees. Sorry guys.

Geez - Bill, a little strong on Gallicho? Sorry, have to cheer for the Yankees (can't believe I'm saying that) but they will make it only because the "corners" are ex-Texas Rangers. BTW - if Commonweal had sponsored a "Dunking Booth" at your dinner and had Grant in the booth, attendance might have significantly increased even if you had to pay to throw.

Welcome to the True Church, Eduardo. But what took your conversion so long? Seemingly invincible ignorance? Having grown up in Philadelphia many decades ago, when both of the city's clubs annually occupied 8th place in leagues with only 8 places, I can hardly believe what I see today. On the other hand, when God invented baseball, I do not think He intended it to be played in early November. Another example (as if one were needed) of the ability of misbegotten human free will to frustrate the workings of the Spirit.

Re: David Gibson's comment: " American League baseball, with its absurd designated hitter, is objectively disordered. Go Phillies." We have the Phillies to thank (sort of) for not having the atrocious DH rule in the National League. See "After 35 years, designated hitter debate still heated: first used in the American League in 1973 on a trial basis, the rule continues to separate the two leagues", Baseball Digest, July, 2008 by Jack O'Connell "It is not as well-known that the N.L. came close to accepting the measure at the same time. With 12 clubs in each league at the time, seven votes were required for passage. The N.L. vote was 6-4 with two abstentions, the Phillies and Pirates.Years later, Phillies executive Bill Giles said that his inability to reach then-owner Ruly Carpenter, a proponent of the DH, on the telephone resulted in Philadelphia's abstention. Pittsburgh's representatives were instructed by Pirates owner John Galbraith to vote with the Phillies. Carpenter was on a fishing trip."

I;m not sure about the DH, but we sure need better umpires -go Fay Vincent.I can't bring myself to say,"Go Yankees," because I detest George Steinbrenner and what they've done to the old and new StadiumBut I can't understand how anyone can support a team from what's laughingly referred to as the City of Brotherly Love (also known as "the home of the boo birds."On the other hand the NBA starts today and colegec basketball is getting closer .

The Yankees abuse children - they beat the Twins.In addition, they are in league with Satan, Prince of Darkness: they defeated the Angels.

Bob I., it used to be the ersatz Madonna who was guiding the Yankees---or at least their star.


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