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I'm enjoying Shatner's second career much more than the first.

Shatner was really the perfect pick for this. In everything he does these days from commercials to sitcoms has decided to leave the viewer wondering when his insanity is merely play-acting and when he is just being himself.

I hope Sarah Palin is smoking peyote or something while writing these speeches, then all would still be right with the world.

Shatner .... it's the mad cow, you know.Re the poem: Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Hil-freaking-arious. A comment that I never thought I would leave on this blog!

For some reason this reminds me of Mad Libs (pun intended) with a spin. In fact, by doing a little editing on this page, one could come up with this: Hulu The viewer wondering Insanity or Simply smoking peyote It's the mad cow, you know- ommmmmmmmmmmm.... I suppose that, too, would be considered nonsense. :-)

Well, I don't know if I would like to be told that a speech I drafted made no more sense than stringing together a random series of comments that were made more or less independently of each other. "North to the future" has the same kind fo ring as "Beam me up Scotty" or even, different context, "Book'm Dano!"

Isn't it great when we can elevate the level of discourse, with a substantive critique of a politician's arguments?

Which arguments?


Sorry, Kathy. I tried to find the follow-up segment in which William Shatner dismantled Palin's complex anti-government-handout argument, but NBC hasn't made it available.

That's okay, Grant. Forgive me, I'm just sad and disillusioned by the apparent cultural difference between East coasters and Alaskans, the obvious intended audience of the speech.And, I think Captain Kirk was underappreciated.

Perhaps the difference is not so much cultural then, but linguistic.

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