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July 17 issue available online (for everyone!)

As you can see from our homepage, the latest issue of Commonweal is up online. I have to agree with Fr. Imbelli, who called it "rich and varied" -- there's something for everyone in the July 17 issue. In fact, we've decided to make the entire issue available online, to subscribers and nonsubscribers alike. That means you can read everything you see in the table of contents without signing in, from Alice McDermott's short story "I Am Awake" (our first published fiction in many years) to Jack Miles's article "After 'the War on Terror'" to William L. Portier's review of Rembert Weakland's memoir, A Pilgrim in a Pilgrim Church. (We'll try to call attention to individual articles here on the blog in the coming days, and put them up for discussion, as Fr. Imbelli has done with Sidney Callahan's article below.)Enjoy! And please pass on the links to your friends, colleagues, enemies -- anyone who's not already reading Commonweal. This month there are no excuses for missing out.

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Mollie Wilson O'Reilly is an editor at large and columnist at Commonweal.

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1 comment

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Once more, the print copy, thanks to God, beat the on-line copy to me.Jack Miles's piece, taken with William Pfaff's fine esay are excellent writing on foriegn policy.I particularly want to note the sensitive review of A Pilgrim in A Pilgrim Church .Weakland is a figure who will continue to create ambivalence among his followers.But even the review before reading the book, will add lots of color to the picture, which surely requires lots of nuance.His theological detractors will easily write him off and use his foibles as an easy way to characterize.But appreciating his desire to broaden the Church, to hear his people and to move forward will be enriched, despite the Roman beauracracy, and, I think,his are values we desperately need today in our fractured Church.

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